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Nagano Pork Chop

With this high-quality pork, you can let your creative juices flow. The selected cuts consistently meet the highest quality standards, your assurance that they’ll satisfy even the most discerning palates. Nagano pork brings the best of everything to the table, making it a cut above the rest:
  • Superior marbling
  • Pinker meat
  • Firmer, whiter fat
  • Greater moisture retention during cooking
  • Unequalled flavour and tenderness

3 products

Bone-in nagano prok chop 12 oz.

71228 Bone-in Nagano Pork Chop 12 oz. 6 packs of 2 unit of 335g

Nagano pork osso buco

72280 Nagano pork osso buco 2 packs of 12 unit of 275g

Bone-in Nagano Pork chop 9oz.

71226 Bone-in Nagano Pork Chop 9 oz. 6 packs of 2 unit of 255g

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