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High-quality, quick-frozen
prepared meats
for hotels, restaurants
and institutions.
Our objective: guarantee you the best results at the best price, every time! Discover the advantages

Practical solutions
for the modern palate!
Our ready-to-cook meats are portioned, seasoned and quick-frozen. Easy preparation for delicious meals! Discover the advantages

Improved cost control,
for maximum value and return!
Thaw only what you need! Our quick-frozen, portioned meats are of the highest quality, without any wastage. Discover the advantages

Peace of mind,
every day!
Whether for a simple lunch or a lavish feast, you can count on our poultry, beef and pork products to be uniform, flavourful and fresh. Découvrez les avantages

Guaranteed freshness and
Our chicken breasts, marinated brochettes and tournedos are prepared using premium local ingredients and meats. Discover the advantages

ersonalized service,
customized to your taste!
Our dedicated team develops new meat products and custom recipes to meet the needs of restaurants and institutions. Discover the advantages

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Why buy
prepared meats
rather than prepare and portion
them yourself?
Our products, made with top-quality ingredients, are portioned, seasoned and quick-frozen to ensure optimum, cost-effective results, time and time again!

Practical solution Cost control Peace of mind Freshness Personalized service
Discover the 5 advantages

What's new What's new

Viandes Dunham regularly offers restaurant owners and cafeteria managers new selections of carefully prepared products—Discover our latest creations!

Nutritional facts Nutritional facts

Food service managers (hospitals, care centres, schools) can choose from our wide range of prepared meats to meet the specific nutritional requirements of their clientele.

Our allergy-friendly products

Our selection of allergy-friendly products were developed to meet the growing demand for these items at hotels, institutions and restaurants.

Our gluten-free products

Our gluten-free prepared meats are sure to satisfy customers who suffer from a food intolerance. Try them... your customers will thank you!

Our low-sodium products

Viandes Dunham is proud to offer products that are within the guidelines of the Canadian Heart & Stroke fondation. Products should be under 230mg of sodium per 100g