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 Advantages of our products

1- Practical solution

Practical SolutionsCost controlPeace of mindFreshnessPersonalized service

Practical solutions

Viandes Dunham offers portioned, ready-to-cook, top-quality prepared meats. Simply add your personal touch!

Hassle-free products, at your fingertips!

Since our products are frozen in individual portions, you can easily prepare and serve all the meat dishes on your menu.

Simplified inventory management

You no longer have to deal with losses and the management of related products.

Product uniformity

Customers will enjoy the same portion size, the same texture and the same flavour every single time—pleasure and satisfaction guaranteed!

Labour optimization

Our meats are already packed with flavour, allowing you to save on labour while offering a superior-quality product.


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Cost control,
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Our products, made with top-quality ingredients, are quick-frozen to ensure optimum, cost-effective results, time and time again!

Practical solution Cost control Peace of mind Freshness Personalized service
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