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 Advantages of our products

4- Freshness

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Always fresh and delicious, Viandes Dunham uses local products that reflect the latest in culinary trends.

Superior taste and quality

Our meats are prepared using fresh, premium-quality ingredients, and then quickly frozen and vacuumed packed to preserve their flavour.

Local products

Viandes Dunham prioritizes local products, such as the famous Nagano pork, well-known for its exceptional tenderness.

Aliments du Québec

Current taste trends

Our low-sodium, gluten-free or allergy-friendly products reflect the latest food trends, and are sure to please your customers.

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Cost control,
every day!
Our products, made with top-quality ingredients, are quick-frozen to ensure optimum, cost-effective results, time and time again!

Practical solution Cost control Peace of mind Freshness Personalized service
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