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Our selection of allergy-friendly products were developed to meet the growing demand for these items at hotels, institutions and restaurants.

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Nagano pork osso buco

72280 Nagano pork osso buco 2 packs of 12 unit of 275g

Bone-in nagano prok chop 12 oz.

71228 Bone-in Nagano Pork Chop 12 oz. 6 packs of 2 unit of 335g

Bone-in Nagano Pork chop 9oz.

71226 Bone-in Nagano Pork Chop 9 oz. 6 packs of 2 unit of 255g

Nagano Pork patty

11450 Nagano Pork patty 12 packs of 2 unit of 180g

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Our products, made with top-quality ingredients, are quick-frozen to ensure optimum, cost-effective results, time and time again!

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